My Cameras

First, at the beginning of 2012, I got myself a lovely remake of the Diana camera from the 60’s……  It’s fun and frankly, after getting “more involved” with photography, I like to think of it as a toy, capable of creating amazing stuff …. 

Then my attention was caught by an incredibly funny and cheap Fisheye camera by Lomography…This 35mm camera with a built-in fisheye lens is a lot of fun and I’ve bought it 2nd hand for 20 eur … ha!  It sees a sweeping 170-degree view compacting everything around you into a compact circular image.

September 2012….my beloved one… Praktica BMS camera found on a flea market…. she’s amazing …and I love her…

By the end of 2012, an amazing thing happened….. Grandpa’s camera found its way to me……after laying forgotten in the wardrobe (safe and sound) for 25 long years…. And what a camera it is…. Zeiss Super Ikonta B 533/16 from the 50’s. Medium format treasure! I didn’t have a chance to make any picture with it yet, but it seems to be in great condition!

Update October 2013: The camera is currently “in hospital” (obviously sitting in wardrobe untouched for 25 years didn’t do her any good), but I am not worried, as she is in the hands of an amazing artist and one-of-a-kind person, Mr. Manuel Adriano Borges da Silva, whose incredibly strong presence itself seems to feed you with knowledge and wisdom not measurable by megapixels or MB. My thanks go to  Álvaro Nunes de Sousa and João Peixoto, for getting me in touch with Mr. Adriano.

Update November 2013: Amazingly fast, amazingly surprisingly, my Super Ikonta is back to life and fully operational (!!!). I started my new journey of shooting with her just now, so I hope to learn how to operate it well and carry on the legacy of my grandpa… :). Read more about this story here.


April 2013 … I step into the DSLR world! Welcome Mr. Canon 60D with EF-S 17-85mm IS USM lens….


9 responses to “My Cameras

    • Thanks! It all happened so randomly, but these little babies bring me a lot happiness :). My aunt just told me few days back that there is an old camera which belonged to my grandfather, so I can’t wait to visit her and check it out. It would be an honour for me to wear camera after my grandpa!

    • No way film is dying, that’s as clear as the sunrise. Thanks for stopping by. I will bring the Zeiss to life around summertime (now I don’t have it with me) and post some results. It is such a pleasure to even hold it in hands…. The pictures my grandpa made with it are of stunning quality, so I hope I can fully apprehend and use its potential.

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