bringing past back to life

I would like to share with you this very special moment. On the left side of the picture, you can see me, on Saturday, November 16th, loading my ZEISS 533/16 Super Ikonta (medium-format) camera for the 1st time. It used to belong to my grandfather, who passed away when I was a little girl. I think I got my passion for photography from him. The camera was lost untouched for 25 years (waiting for me?) and now, I got it repaired (thanks to an amazing one-of-a-kind person and expert here in Portugal, Mestre Adriano…). I can’t even express how happy it makes me to have this camera – which is a symbol of a special bond with my grandpa – up and running……. Before communism got our country, my grandpa was quite a wealthy man. It is clear from the fact that he got this camera, which back then (in the 50’s) was easily worth more then a car in Czechoslovakia. Later on, communists took his job, his house, his car, even his freedom and partially health…but they didn’t get his camera ……..

I hope to be able to learn how to operate it well enough to share some results with you soon. Well, whatever, I surely will share some results here…. grandpa would like to see that…..

Who is interested, can find more information about the camera here, in section Post War Super Ikonta BX (533/16) 1952-57 (2nd Edition). 

My special thanks go to Álvaro Nunes de Sousa and João Peixoto, for getting me in touch with Mestre Adriano.


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