…for Porto visitors: Lovely restaurant in Cais De Gaia…

Even though majority of this blog is dedicated to photography, from time to time I will infiltrate a few words about …whatever.
Look, there is this great restaurant in Cais de Gaia (beautiful part of Vila Nova de Gaia), just across the bridge from Porto …and I just feel like I have to spread the word.  It’s called Casa Dias. The owners are extremely nice and the food is great (1/2 dose of one dish is enough for 2 people) … Whatever we’ve ordered was really good, so I don’t give specific recommendation – just have whatever you feel like. But you should try traditional Alheira as an entry (we usually share one for 2 people) – it’s delicious!!!
The address is Avenida Ramos Pinto 242, 4400-266 Vila Nova de Gaia …
Over time, we became loyal customers and they treat us very nice… And after the food overdose, which is what you’re likely to have after the dinner, you can take a lovely walk by the river Douro with spectacular bridge / Ribeira views …
Why not?
PS: Life is good!

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